We offer professional design services for any size project. During our first visit we will review your family's needs, desires and budget. Next, we discuss landscape design styles that complement your home's appearance.

You can get ready for our first meeting by completing our design questionnaire. It will help us prepare a plan tailored to your family's unique life style needs. Feel free to elaborate as much as possible. All information provided will be held in the strictest confidence.

The next step is to do a site analysis and create a plot plan. During this process we listen closely to our clients and discuss concerns and design opportunities.

After obtaining measurements and all necessary information, we produce a conceptual design. This design is then reviewed by our clients. In some cases we will prepare an estimate detailing the cost of the project for the first design review.

After this meeting we will make changes to the design if necessary. Upon approval of the design and acceptance of the estimate you are ready to get your project scheduled for installation.


Desired Features
Fireplace Fire Pit Deck
Retaining Wall Pond/Fountain
Outdoor Kitchen BBQ
Patio Cover / Gazebo Trellis Sun Room
Play Area Putting Green Shed
Mail Box Columns Entry Gate
Low Voltage Lighting
Outdoor Entertainment Center
Contact Information
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Family Characteristics
Ages and number of people to entertain in the landscape:
Number of pets and what kind:
Hobbies important to the family:
Anyone's special medical concerns?

Existing Site Conditions
Front yard problem areas:
Front yard positive areas:
Back yard problem areas:
Back yard positive areas:
Favorite plants or materials you would like to use:
Plants or materials you would not like to use:

Are deer prevalent in your area?

Yes   No
Any pets that need enclosing? Yes   No
Any views that need screening? Yes   No
Are there any noise issues? Yes   No
Are there any wind problems? Yes   No
Are there any security issues? Yes   No
Are there any soil problems? Yes   No
Are there any drainage problems? Yes   No
Any house layout, lot plan, or site surveys available? Yes   No
Any easements or right of ways on the property? Yes   No
Any septic tanks or leach lines on the property? Yes   No
Is there an architechtural review or HOA? Yes   No

Lifestyle and House's Structural Style
Which of these design styles combines best with your lifestyle and house's structural style?
Traditional Contemporary Natural English Garden Japanese Southwestern Formal